Common classifications and uses of office chairs

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We all know that different types of office chairs have different uses. Of course, the price of office chairs is also different. Broadly speaking, all chairs in the office can be called office chairs. However, the office chair in the narrow sense refers to a unique chair. Therefore, there are many types of office chairs, and we need to figure it out.

General classification and use of office chairs

1. Classroom chair

For classroom chairs, leather and environmentally friendly leather are the most common materials in the office. A few class chairs will be made of mesh cloth or linen flannel cloth. It is characterized by large volume, good air permeability, and resistance to aging and deformation. Generally speaking, the armrests are solid wood, and the chair legs are also solid wood, which is more suitable for bosses and senior managers, chairs, and other management areas.

2. Office chair

Staff chairs should be more common to us, and the main users are ordinary employees. In terms of materials, most of them are made of mesh cloth. In terms of procurement methods, it is generally corporate, government, or school procurement. Families buy fewer chairs and are usually used as children’s study chairs. The price of this type of chair is definitely much cheaper than the price of classroom chairs.

3. Training chair

Training chairs are usually used in various office spaces or training chairs. Many materials of this chair are mesh or plastic. The price of this chair is usually the cheapest, so it is more practical and not as beautiful as the first two chairs. And the structure is relatively simple. Next to a small table is a small table for recording training.

4. Reception chair

The reception chair has the same name. The main purpose of the chairman is to receive foreigners. Generally speaking, the reception chair will adopt a casual style. In this way, it will give people a sense of relaxation, so that outsiders will not be too nervous in an unfamiliar environment. Of course, in terms of color, it is a warm color. Careful friends may wish to observe.

The above is the classification and use of office chairs. When buying office chairs, do not blindly pay attention to the price of office chairs, and do not regard comfort as an important criterion. A good chair should be able to adjust according to sitting posture, so as to achieve a more comfortable and practical effect.