What are the materials of office chairs

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Let me tell you that there are many materials for office chairs. The following editor will give you a brief introduction:

Leather office chair

The feature is the use of leather fabrics. The office chair is filled with high-density sponge and leather upholstery. It is comfortable and breathable. It has strong resilience and durability. It is not easy to deform. The price corresponds to the grade and value of the product. It is generally used in enterprises and institutions. The leadership office gives people a sense of dignity and calm luxury.

PU office chair

This type of office chair mainly imitates the texture of leather and is exquisite in workmanship. The price is of course lower than that of the leather executive chair. Generally speaking, it is commonly found in corporate conference rooms and staff areas.

Mesh office chair

The mesh office chair is a wide range of chairs used by enterprises and institutions. It is flexible and breathable. The color of the mesh and the color of the seat cushion are also available. It is also a more versatile furniture style, which is ergonomic and fits the human body. Office features, health helps people have a better office life, mesh chairs are available in styles from office chairs to staff chairs, and the selling price range is relatively large.

Plastic office chair

Because the plastic material is very malleable, the plastic leisure chair has a variety of shapes, rich colors, and a strong sense of fashion. It is a common dress for negotiating leisure areas. This type of leisure office chair is easy to clean and keep, and the selling price is also very affordable.