What types of office chairs are there, and how to buy office chairs?

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Office chairs are something we all take for granted. They are always there, and we only notice them when they are broken. But in fact, they play an important role in our lives. They not only affect our productivity, but also directly affect our health. Nowadays, there are endless types of office chairs to meet the various needs of different occupations and workplaces. In this article, we will explore the most common types and their performance in the ergonomics department. Office chair types at a glance Ergonomic chair/Executive office chair with a sitting posture that helps prevent musculoskeletal diseases/Gorgeous executive-style chair Mesh office chair/Made of mesh fabric with excellent breathability. Large and high chair/Meet large Large user small chair with large size and large height/Meeting chair for small users/Suitable for company meetings 1. Ergonomic chair Ergonomic chair is specially designed to encourage you to maintain a neutral posture and work in the office for a long time Provide adequate support at the time. Although their cost is usually a little more expensive than other types of office chairs, you can save more in the long run because many seats are optimized for preventing cervical spondylosis, back pain, poor posture, and blood circulation. Common features: adjustable headrest, armrests and seat height for lumbar support, easy rotation and stable foundation, padded seat and backrest sliding seat plate, adjustable tilt tension and locking nylon carpet casters 2, executive office chairs in all types Among the office chairs, executive chairs are usually the most luxurious. As the name suggests, executive office chairs are often used by superiors. Its design is majestic, with high back-to-backs. The backrest, seat and headrest provide adequate cushioning, and are usually made of high-quality materials such as fine wood and leather. Today, the boundaries between ergonomic office chairs and other types of office chairs are often blurred. When it comes to executive chairs, whether it is a seat or a cushion, thick upholstered armrests, and the PU or leather decoration on the chair. Some even have additional functions such as reclining function or massage head. Common features: PU or leather material thick padded armrest wood veneer waterfall edge thick contour or layered cushion 3. Mesh office chair Mesh office chair is the epitome of breathability, making it easy for people who sweat at work Excellent choice. The backrest is lined with this mesh fabric and is equipped with padded seats to provide comfort. The high-quality mesh office chair is also designed with ergonomics in mind, with a waterfall edge, which can promote blood circulation and lumbar support to minimize low back pain. 4. Big and tall chair The big and tall office chair is designed for big and tall people. They are characterized by high load-bearing capacity, ranging from 300 pounds to 1,000 pounds. This means that everything about the chair is designed to handle heavy objects safely. This type of chair is equipped with a higher and wider backrest, higher seat height adjustment, thicker padding, wider seat, and reinforced frame, base and armrests. Best for: tall and heavy people. Common features: heavy-duty frame, ultra-wide, deep seat, high backrest, long and wide armrests 5. Small chairs If there are chairs suitable for adults and tall people, then naturally there are chairs suitable for small people and small people. The compact chair has a smaller seat, a small base and a lower air lift so that smaller people can put their feet on the floor. Even the ergonomic features have been adjusted to meet the needs of people with short stature. When using a standard office chair, petite office workers may find it more difficult to maintain correct arm alignment due to the higher armrests. The small chair solves this problem because the height of the armrest is much lower. The same goes for the headrest, lumbar support and seat depth. Common feature: Provide the correct seat height and angle for people with small stature. Seat width and depth can be adjusted for people with petite stature. Lumbar support armrests can be lifted under the lower limit of height. 6. Conference chairs The conference room is a brainstorming session for you and your team. , A place to make important decisions and entertain guests. In order to create a more open space and avoid obstructing people's vision, conference chairs are usually designed with a low back or a middle back. Unlike other types of office chairs, many conference chairs promote a forward leaning posture by tilting the seat slightly forward. This is to encourage people to participate in and contribute to the meeting. Best for: meeting rooms, meeting rooms and board rooms. Typical materials: leather or fabric upholstery, memory foam padding, mesh. Common features: adjustable seat height or mid-high backrest, forward tilt chair, adjustable tilt tension, swivel nylon casters