How to arrange the family office desks and chairs better?

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The desk cannot face the door. The airflow is extremely bad if the door is facing the seat. The influence of import and export can cause confusion in people's thinking, emotional instability and easy to make wrong decisions. If you can’t move it, you can place a screen or a data cabinet in front of it to cut off. If you can move it, move the desk aside. Such a little arrangement of the desk Feng Shui can be much better. There is a solid wall behind the desk. The seat should have a solid wall behind the desk. That is to say, people should have their backs when they sit down. The basic feng shui layout of the desk emphasizes that the seat backs against the wall. There is a feeling of dependence in the subconscious. If this is the case for a long time, employees will be in a nervous state, causing confusion while recruiting villains. The open desk in the front should not be opposite to the window. When the desk is feng shui, there should be a wall in the back that makes people feel supportive and dependent. The open field of vision in the front symbolizes the long-term development of the career. It is also feasible at work. The desk is placed Do not face the windows directly, so as not to affect your eyesight sometimes when the sun is too high. If you want to have better career luck, you can also place one or two office feng shui ornaments in the office.