Best office chair of 2021: suitable for home or work and all budgets

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Whether you are currently working from home or engaged in distance learning, you must have one of the best office chairs. Desks and chairs are usually the neglected and underestimated part of any office, more important than computer settings or any other equipment, so don't underestimate its importance.

Of course, cool new PCs, tablets, smartphones and monitors are more sexy and shopping is more fun. You might think that the shabby chair you have is good enough.

In fact, you might also think that top-of-the-line office chairs will break the bank, and buying one is not worth it. But upgrading is not only more affordable than you think, it is also more important. Back problems are more common than ever before, and all the sitting we do while working or playing can only cause these problems.

So go get some good support. Not only can you minimize potential back problems, but also work (or recreation) sessions will be more comfortable and longer. And your work or field of study may also be better supplemented.

To help, we have collected some of the best office chairs, including different budgets and some different functions, such as more ergonomic features-such as proper lumbar support, adjustable armrests, etc.-suitable for people who are worried about their posture. So they can find the seat that best suits their personal needs.

Humanscale makes some very beautiful high-end ergonomic office chairs, and Humanscale Freedom is the pinnacle of this beauty for us. Not only does it look great-especially in the leather option, it provides an additional advantage in the event of accidental drink spills-but the really smart thing is that Freedom aims to eliminate complicated knobs or levers, many of which are ergonomic The options may confuse you and. Instead, it will automatically adjust to the ideal ergonomics of your body.

For example, when reclining on a chair, it will automatically adjust the backrest resistance to the optimal level. The end result is a very comfortable sitting, no need to worry about tension settings and so on.

Of course, there are some adjustable elements, including armrests that move back and forth (so they are always at the same height as each other). You can also slide the seat plate forward (or backward) and adjust the height of the backrest and headrest (in the latter case just pull it; in fact, all these adjustments are easy to make).