How to choose a home office chair for home office?

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Under the influence of the global epidemic, technology companies such as Apple and Microsoft have launched "home office" response strategies. According to The Verge report, Microsoft allows employees to choose to work from home for no more than 50% of their working hours. After approval, they can also work from home. Work remotely from home permanently.

In this regard, netizens said that telecommuting may be the norm in the future, and the epidemic has only accelerated the arrival of this norm. Although Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in an interview with The New York Times that working from home may have a negative impact on social and mental health, but for some people, working from home without the hassle of commuting is what they dream of Way of working.

Some people think that working from home will not only do no harm, but will also improve work efficiency.

In the early days of home office work, many people use dining rooms and living rooms as temporary office locations. When home office work becomes the norm, it is obvious that temporary office alternatives cannot meet the long-term office status and may also bring health risks.

It is recommended to open up an independent work area in the family space and use professional office furniture and equipment. The most important office furniture is office chairs and desks. In this article, we will talk carefully about how to choose a good home office chair.

1. Use ergonomic office chairs for home office chairs

When choosing an ergonomic office chair for personal use, according to the budget range, several aspects can be considered.

1. Adjustable degree of armrest

General office chair armrests have multiple adjustment functions, which can be divided into adjustable and non-adjustable.

From the perspective of more suitable for the human sitting posture and ensuring the comfort of sedentary sitting, the adjustable armrest will bring a healthier seating experience. Through the up and down adjustment of the armrest, it can perfectly support different office postures of the human body.

For example, the butterfly chair below has two options: adjustable armrests and non-adjustable armrests. The office chair with adjustable armrests has a three-stage lock that can provide three armrest heights, which can basically meet the office needs of most people.

2. With headrest

An office chair with a headrest will provide better support for the neck. For high-strength workers, using an office chair with a headrest is conducive to a comfortable nap between work. Many Internet companies and scientific research companies purchase such high-back chairs.

3. The degree of seat adjustment

There are many seat adjustment methods for office chairs, including seat height adjustment, seat depth adjustment, seat width adjustment, and recline adjustment. Generally speaking, when choosing a home office chair, you can lock an ergonomic chair from the seat height adjustment range, the rear recline adjustment range and the smoothness of adjustment. Because it is for personal use, as long as you choose the appropriate office chair according to your own physical data.

Office desk and chair combination

With the height adjustment of the seat, it is recommended to configure a desk that can be raised and lowered. Compared with a desk with a fixed height, choosing a home-use lifting desk product can adjust the office status at any time, and it is healthier to sit and stand alternately. In the choice of household lifting tables, in addition to the size of the desktop, you can consider choosing a dual-motor lifting table, which is more stable and lifts more smoothly.

4. Chair foot style

The chair used in the general family does not have rollers, and a high-quality ergonomic chair is also very important in the selection of rollers, because the rolling of the chair will bring friction between the wheels and the contact surface, so the quality of the wheels will be reduced at this time. Very critical.

Office chair with rollers

5. Material selection

Finally, talk about how to look at the materials when choosing a home office chair. Taking into account the sedentary problem in the office, and the dressing at home is relatively casual, so in the choice of office chair materials, you must choose skin-friendly and breathable. In order to ensure the service life of the seat, it is necessary to choose high-elastic foam or other non-deformable fillers or materials.

Of course, for ordinary consumers, it is difficult to identify which of the various furniture on the market has good accessories and materials, so you can directly choose well-known brands in the office industry. Not only the materials are professional, but also there will be complete office chair after-sales and value-added services.