Have you learned the cleaning and maintenance skills of mesh office chairs?

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Mesh office chairs are breathable and sweat-proof, so many companies provide such office chairs for their employees. But no matter what it is, as long as it is used for a long time, there will be some problems, so it is very important to clean and maintain the mesh office chair in daily use. How should we clean and maintain it?

      1. Because the seat cushion and backrest of the mesh office chair are made of mesh cloth, they cannot be removed and cleaned. When we clean the dust of the mesh office chair, we can use a hair dryer to blow off the dust on it. Some mesh office chairs have steel-plastic parts. Be careful not to be too rude to the mesh office chairs to avoid damaging these steel-plastic parts.

      2. Once we find stains on the mesh office chair, we can wipe it off with detergent, but be careful not to touch the chair feet when scrubbing. In order to avoid rust, be sure to wipe it dry when scrubbing, and wipe it off with a soft cotton cloth. The environment should also be avoided as much as possible, and the mesh office chair should not be exposed to direct sunlight to prevent the mesh office chair from fading and aging.

      3. When using a mesh office chair, the center of gravity should be in the middle of the air rod to ensure that the air rod can be used flexibly. For mesh office chairs that are used for a long time, check whether the structural screws, springs, and knobs are loose. If they are loose, they should be tightened in time to avoid more damage to the mesh office chairs and affect the comfort of the staff. .