The method of adjusting the back of the office chair and the selection skill

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As we all know, a comfortable office chair is very important for office workers. You need to adjust the back of the chair and find a height that suits you. Do you know how to adjust the back of the office chair? What are the tips for choosing this chair?

1. How to adjust the back of the chair

(1) Office chairs are usually 47 cm high and 37 cm low. Usually fixed-height chairs are a minority. Some office chairs are 40 cm high, some 42 cm, and some 44 cm. The average height is generally 42 cm. . However, some office chairs can be adjusted in height by themselves. Many friends make adjustments by themselves, but it is not suitable in many cases, so more often they must be measured in accordance with scientific methods.

(2) A high degree of judgment. For busy office workers every day, a comfortable chair is what everyone wants. Because we spend one-third of the day in an office chair, choosing a comfortable chair can make you comfortable and healthy for one-third of the time.

But how high is the height of the office chair to be comfortable? The staff chair manufacturer recommends that you decide it according to your own height. If you judge it as a suitable chair height, just remember the "two verticals". When sitting down Look at the vertical thigh and calf, vertical spine and buttocks, so that you can judge whether it is suitable for you.

(3) It is understood that the comfortable height of the office chair is actually two verticals. Then the two verticals can satisfy the 90-degree vertical between the thighs and calves, and the vertical between the spine and the hips. If the height of your office chair meets these two conditions, then your office chair is a comfortable height.

2. Selection skills

(1) Choose the front end of the mat to avoid the blood flow caused by the pressure of the foot pain or numbness at right angles to the thigh root nerve. Therefore, another evaluation point of the ergonomic chair is whether there is a waterfall-like arc at the front of the seat cushion to satisfy the natural relaxation of the thighs and keep the palm height of the thighs and the seat cushion separate from the palm of the hand.

(2) Comfortable headrest Since most of the original chairs do not have a headrest, you need a habitual office hour that does not depend on the headrest. In fact, in order to reduce the occurrence of neck diseases, you need to pay attention to the position of the neck while maintaining a comfortable posture. Choosing the right headrest can also reduce fatigue.

(3) Select the shape of the backrest S (suitable for the spine). At least one seat backrest supporting the waist conforms to the standard sitting posture. The normal human spine has three physiological curvatures and is not straight. The neck and waist are convex, and the chest cavity is convex, so you need to have at least three support points on the back of the chair to meet your comfort in the standard posture. Need to support the waist, but because everyone's height is different, it needs to be adjusted.

(4) Only all the pressure transmission is concentrated in the hips to reduce the numbness of the legs and the numbness of the office, which is another problem. In other words, support the cushion firmly to touch the buttocks. Note that the thickness of the seat cushion should be between 5CM and 10CM.