How to evaluate the quality of office chairs?

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Office chairs are already one of the office furniture that people cannot live without when working. Some people not only cannot do without work, but also have office chairs at home. Office chairs are slowly becoming a must for every household. There are many styles of office chairs on the market and their configurations are not the same. However, office chair manufacturers have different annotations for each office chair. The design and configuration of office chairs are different. The styles are all determined by the strength of the office chair manufacturers. Office chairs that are so capable are of high quality and high configuration. Office chair manufacturers that are not capable of producing office chairs are ordinary office chairs. Therefore, the quality of office chairs on the market varies. People only rely on appearance when buying office chairs. To determine with the price, it is impossible to make an effective evaluation.

Next, I will talk about several steps of office chair evaluation: First, test the flexibility of the sliding of the casters. Today's office chairs are basically equipped with casters. Irregular office chair casters will not be smooth during the sliding process and have a strong sense of blockage. The daily use of this kind of office chair may bring safety hazards to users. The first is to test the stability of the office chair. I must usually see some people sitting on the office chair and the center of gravity is constantly rotating.

Next is the impact test of the office chair base. Does that mean it is the base impact test? Generally, if the manufacturer uses tens of kilograms of articles to continuously impact the base hundreds or thousands of times from a height, it is regarded as a qualified office chair. If the base of the office chair cannot withstand such a high-strength impact, the office chair may be damaged if it breaks during daily use. Then comes the chassis. The chassis mostly looks at the thickness of the top plate. The thickness determines the safety factor. Some unscrupulous merchants use inferior steel or reduce the thickness of the top plate. If the gas rod accidentally bursts, it will penetrate the top plate and The base causes injury.