What should I do if office chairs of different materials get damp?

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With the advent of autumn, the weather is getting colder. During the cloudy and sunny seasons, the drizzle can easily cause a lot of things to get damp. For office chairs, if the office is in a place that is prone to moisture for a long time, the damage to the office chair by moisture is more serious. If sponge, mesh, flannel, etc. are affected by damp for a long time, mold will grow, while iron or steel office chair legs and arch frames will rust.

First of all, let's talk about fabric office chairs. Fabric can be divided into mesh and flannel, which are more common in life. Anyone who has used fabric office chairs should know that in humid weather, office chairs can be damp if they are not ventilated. If the office chair has not been used for a long time, it may have become moldy. This situation not only affects people's health, but also affects the service life of office chairs. So how can this be solved? Try to open windows and doors for ventilation, and turn on the air conditioner to dehumidify if possible. Try not to put other extra items in the office environment, which will increase the humidity in the office.

Let’s talk about leather office chairs. A humid office environment can easily absorb some moisture on the leather surface, which will cause the leather to quickly age and harden. If it is too severe, the leather of the office chair may become deformed and faded. How to solve this kind of office chair? One is to often dust off the leather of the office chair and apply some special oil for leather care. In this way, it can not only prevent moisture and mildew, but also soften it. If it is rainy and cloudy, wipe the leather surface of the office chair with a dry towel every day, and apply a layer of oil for maintenance if possible.

Finally, there are office chairs with metal frames. The metal of these office chairs will cause rust for long-term moisture, and rust spots will appear on the surface. Especially the iron office chair frames will be easily oxidized and rusted if they are not treated in time. The surface is dull and dull. Such metallic office chairs should be kept away from places with severe water vapor as much as possible. If they are damp, wipe them with a dry cloth in time. If there are rusty areas, touch up the paint in time, and don’t let the rust spots become bigger and affect the office chairs. Service life.