How to choose the right office chair? The choice of office chair is very knowledgeable!

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Every ordinary person's 24 hours a day is occupied by the three behavior states of "walking", "sleeping" and "sitting", and an office worker spends nearly 80,000 hours on an office chair in his entire life. Almost a third of life. Therefore, how to choose an office chair can be described as a major event in life. How to choose an office chair that seems to be an ordinary office chair is actually quite knowledgeable.

There are three important factors to distinguish between good and bad office chairs

1. Chassis and chair feet

The chassis must have sufficient load-bearing capacity, with flexible and balanced legs. According to research, a four-claw chair leg is likely to cause imbalance, while a six-claw chair leg has many contact points with the ground, because too many chair legs can easily trip the user. A good seat should be a five-claw chair leg, which is the most stable and balanced design that meets the needs.

2. The comfort of the cushion

The chair cushion is preferably one-piece, and a higher-quality chair cushion will have a certain degree of weight tolerance. If the seat depth of the chair cushion can be adjusted according to the needs of your own weight, it will reduce the fatigue of sitting for a long time. And the curved seat is better, because the curved surface can increase the contact area between the bottom of the thigh and the buttocks and the seat, so that the pressure is evenly distributed.

3. The inclination of the back of the chair

Different people have different weights, and the required chair back tilting force is actually different. On the other hand, the tilting strength of ordinary chairs is fixed, which causes people with light weight to be unable to lean on, and people with heavy weight to lean to the bottom all at once, not only without a sense of support, but also easy to sit and flip. A good chair should be of any body shape and various postures. When tilted down, the back of the chair should be able to wrap up and support the back completely. The maximum inclination angle of the seat back is 135 degrees, which is a comfortable angle obtained by big data analysis.

In fact, office chairs are no longer just simple office furniture. More and more brands are incorporating advanced science and technology into them. At present, the most popular consumer is the "ergonomic office chair". The ergonomic office chair combines ergonomic health knowledge, designed and produced. This kind of office chair has a more intelligent back design, which can fit the curve of the human back and provide enough support for the waist. The cushions are all integrated production and the materials are environmentally friendly and healthy.