How to identify leather office chairs, learn to travel the world!

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For some listed companies, leather office chairs may be their first choice, but leather office chairs are different from office furniture made of other materials. Leather office chairs have its solemn, elegant and luxurious atmosphere, so in order to prevent counterfeiting We need to know the quality of the leather office chair when purchasing, so how to distinguish it?

      Leather office chairs are generally divided into full-leather and semi-leather. Full-leather office chairs refer to fabrics that are entirely made of leather. You can feel the texture is very soft with the touch of the hand, and it does not scratch your hands. It is also water-resistant and acid-resistant. As for the performance of alkali, the texture and color of the entire office furniture are also the same, while the semi-leather office furniture usually uses artificial leather. This type of office furniture is designed to take care of everyone’s sense of experience and save costs.

      When purchasing, we can press it with our hands. If there are subtle linear wrinkles on the recessed part of the leather office chair, it means that it is a leather office chair, and it feels very soft and leather-like. It will have the smell of animals, but if the smell is too strong, it means that its quality is not good. It is also smelly for artificial leather, but it will be closer to the taste of plastic.

      If conditions permit, we can tear off a small fiber from the leather office chair. After lighting, if there is a pungent smell, it means that the office furniture is made of artificial leather. If the smoke is black, it means that the office furniture is made of artificial leather. The furniture material contains toxic substances. If the smoke is white, then the office furniture material is environmentally friendly.

      In summary, when buying leather office chairs, you must be cautious and don’t be fooled by unscrupulous merchants. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If you don’t understand anything, welcome to consult