How to choose an office chair, and what are the details that need to be paid attention to?

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There are so many office chairs on the market, how can I buy them? Some people are based on appearance, some are based on price, some are based on comfort, and some are based on... In short, try various purchasing methods. But how to choose a healthy office chair?

1. The height of the office chair can be adjusted at will. It is necessary to choose an office chair designed with a pneumatic lifting device; adjust the height of the seat appropriately according to the height and leg length.

2. To keep the back natural and comfortable, you can choose an office chair with an adjustable backrest. The height and inclination angle of the backrest can be adjusted at the same time. According to the needs of different situations, make appropriate adjustments and always maintain the correct sitting posture.

3. The angle of the seat can be adjusted. Adjust the opening angle of the backrest and the seat to naturally reduce the pressure on the legs and back, and promote blood circulation and unobstructed breathing.

4. The height of the office chair seat and the height of the armrests are adjustable. It can be adjusted easily and freely as needed to relieve the pressure on the neck and shoulders.

5. The office chair has a swing adjustment function, making the sitting posture more casual and comfortable. If the seat and backrest can be adjusted separately, the comfort can be further increased.

6. The depth of the office chair seat can be adjusted according to the height, reducing fatigue caused by long hours of work. The high-back office chair can better support the body.

7. Sitting for too long can easily lead to muscle tension and fatigue. Therefore, at work, you should often relax and rest, or change your sitting posture to relieve fatigue.

You can compare the above methods before buying office furniture and office chairs!