What technical requirements should be paid attention to when installing office chairs

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Office chairs have many styles and styles of products, and different products have different technological processes, but they need to be assembled in strict accordance with the assembly requirements during the assembly process. The details are as follows:

1. The flower line carving between the chair head and the back column (the general term for the three creation methods of carving, carving and plastic) should be carved according to the direction of the flower line pattern, and there must be no difference in height, width, and width.

2. When combining chair backs, pay attention to whether the left and right rear columns are complete sets. Those with and without armrest holes cannot be combined together.

3. The wooden nails must be inspected to see if their circle diameter and length meet the requirements before they are used, and the wooden nails must be baked. If they are only (cracks), they can be filled with glue;

4. The assembled chair backs should be neatly arranged on the plate frame; office chair manufacturers recommend that the upper and lower layers of the chair should be separated by cardboard to avoid scratches and bumps.

5. When the combination of dowel holes and dowels are too loose, it cannot be assembled; the height of the back plate and the head surface of the chair is 0.2mm, and the back plate is pasted with thin slices.

6. After the combination, the overflow glue should be "wiped" cleanly to avoid affecting the back engineering; the embossed surface of the chair brain should not be burnt or cracked; the chair brain, the back panel and the back panel should be tightly closed, the back panel should not be skewed, and the skew error is within 3mm.

7. The gap between the chair head and the back column should not be greater than 0.3mm (0.5mm is allowed for collapse); after the chair head, back column, and back column are assembled, they should be removed and replaced immediately if they are found (cracked).

8. The seat back combination must be at right angles, within 2mm of the diagonal, to facilitate processing; the back plate should be fixed with headless nails to avoid loosening, and it must be sunk when nailing to avoid nails.