What kind of office chair do you want to buy and what features do you know?

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Office furniture is very important to office workers. However, in office furniture, office chairs are the most important. A bad office chair can make employees restless. Some office chairs that are not produced according to the standard may even cause accidents and endanger the safety of users. Therefore, when choosing an office chair, it is best to choose brand-certified office furniture. The quality and structural design requirements of this part of the furniture are relatively strict.

      Generally speaking, there are two types of office chairs: wheeled and non-wheeled. Wheeled wheels are generally more mobile, and the height can be adjusted according to your actual needs. However, this type of office chair is generally heavier than an office chair without wheels and requires more space for placement. Compared with ordinary office chairs, office chairs with wheels have higher technical requirements. It is necessary to consider the weight to ensure that each part of the chair can be used normally. This is no small requirement for the strength of office furniture manufacturers.

      Our common four-legged wheelless office chairs pay more attention to structural stability and material quality. This type of chair lacks flexibility, but the price is relatively low, the service life is generally long, and the design space is large. This kind of office chair is also very popular in the Shenzhen office furniture market.

      Two kinds of office chairs are introduced here. I hope you can choose your favorite office chair based on these.