How to choose a suitable office chair for the leader?

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If a person has 40 years of working time in his life, then we can sit on office chairs for 80,000 hours of appointments. The choice of an office chair directly affects us sitting comfortably and sleeping peacefully, and of course also affects our work efficiency. Then, when purchasing an office chair, how to choose a suitable office chair for the boss?

Many purchasers think that when choosing an office chair for the boss, one must choose the thick, headrest, and footrest. So, is the chair that meets these three types a good office chair?

Actually, it’s not. To choose a suitable office chair, you must also consider whether its design meets the physical and psychological characteristics of the leader. Choose a suitable office chair for the leader. At least you must ensure that you sit on the office chair and maintain the skeletal and muscle structure. In a reasonable state, the blood circulation and nerve tissues are not excessively compressed, and the conditions that cause fatigue are reduced and eliminated as much as possible, so that people's fatigue will be minimized.

Having said so much, I still don’t know how to choose a suitable office chair for leadership. Don’t worry, Xingwo will analyze it step by step for you.

Confirm gender

Yes, office chairs are also divided into males and females. When buying office chairs for leaders, first determine whether they are used by men or women. If they are used by men, the seat cushion should be deeper, because men’s bones are better than women’s. To be generally big.

Breathability is the foundation

The basic requirement of the material of the leadership office chair is breathability, and the surface design should be flexible, so as to ensure that the user sits on it comfortably and not stuffy.

Armrest adjustment is a must

Because the leader has to deal with documents every day, when working, the armrest of the seat can realize 3D rotation, and the armrest can be moved up and down to support the elbow to meet the best office posture in different sitting states.

Cushion adjustment is also available

Cushion adjustment refers to adjusting the depth of the cushion. The cushion is stretched back and forth to change the depth of the cushion. Under different sitting postures, the human body has different requirements for the depth of the cushion. By adjusting the depth of the cushion, the body is in a more comfortable and reasonable state. In addition, height lifting and headrest are all necessary functions of office chairs for leaders, so I won’t introduce them here.