Why did Apple choose sky-high office chairs

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Apple’s chief designer Jony lve personally bought an office chair called Vitra Pacific for Apple’s new park, Apple park. It is said that the number of office chairs is as high as 12,000, and each sells for up to 1,185 US dollars (approximately RMB 7,705). Yuan), of course, the group purchase price will be preferential, close to the price of iPhone X. Some people may say that they are crazy, what can such an expensive chair be used for, then why did Jony Ive choose this chair? Let's take everyone to find out

First, let’s show everyone the true appearance of this chair

According to a report from the foreign media Fast Company on Tuesday, Barber and Osgerby, the designers of this office chair, met Jony lve a few years ago. When they talked with Jony lve, they said that the chairs on the market are difficult to match. Different spaces and different environments are integrated. Some chairs have gorgeous appearances, but they are not very functional and flashy. However, this chair has a soothing curve and can be perfectly integrated into any environment, even our home. In their introduction, Jony lve said straightforwardly: "This is very interesting", so not long after that, Apple became the first customer.

So what is the difference between the chair chosen by Apple and the ordinary chair?

The above kind of chair is our common chair. It looks good, but people who sit for a long time will feel tired and the back support is not enough. The design is too functional, most of the functional parts are floating on the surface, supports, movable parts, etc. are basically visible.

So the Vitra Pacific office chair was born in this environment. It does not look like a movable chair. It has a simple shape, just like the chair used in our home. When the user sits down, the chair will adjust according to the pressure. The slack condition of the back gives you the most comfortable feeling. It provides just the right support, and the past: "functional" chairs have all the functions. In Osgerby's words, they are a reassuring curve. And the quiet material is placed on the chair.

So why emphasize quietness and simplicity? Technology bacteria believe that in today’s society, the speed of development is so fast that people’s vision is slowly becoming "fuzzy", and the feeling of home is the most comfortable and comfortable for people. Everyone needs such an environment instead of blindly pursuing a sense of science and technology. High-end sense, simple and quiet is the best.

After reading so much what they said, the science and technology bacteria just want to say that they are really rich and willful, do whatever they want, and have so much knowledge in a chair (manual two ha), isn't it enough to work hard at work! By the way, is there still a shortage of cleaners on your side?