Office chair knowledge

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Office chairs are a kind of furniture products that are used for a long time. Many manufacturers’ products, due to various reasons, often look the same when they are bought, but after one and a half years of use, they will fail to function (such as air pressure lift). Failure), tilting of the chair body, loose screws, etc. What's more, some low Swiss products appear the above phenomenon after about three months of use. This situation makes the company executives very troubled, too short a replacement is neither in accordance with economic principles, nor is it difficult to obtain management approval; but failure to replace will affect the company's image, reduce employee work efficiency, and affect employee work mood, and indirect loss It is difficult to estimate.

So a company, of course, understands the truth. The brand's office chairs must employ senior designers and engineers in the industry to participate in the selection of materials, processing technology, structure and appearance design, and pay special attention to the above issues. No matter in terms of quality, firmness, durability, etc., they can become the best in the industry. Brand office chairs fully consider and refer to European and American requirements for protecting the human spine, and fully consider ergonomics, so that all office chairs can adapt to different people's weight, body shape and sitting posture.

Slimming exercises on the office chair

How can office workers who work all day lose weight? He is so busy every day that he is deprived of even time to rest, so let alone go to the gym to lose weight. However, you don't have to go to the gym to lose weight, you can do it in the office.

Slimming exercise on the office chair: If you feel tired after sitting on the office chair for too long, you might as well try to do some small exercises, which can rest your brain and help you lose weight. You can kill two birds with one stone. Sit on a chair, lift your legs up slowly, place your hands gently on your lower abdomen, exhale slowly and tighten your lower abdomen at the same time. When the lower abdomen is tightened, breath out at the same time, and then start slowly Inhale, this kind of breathing exercise is very simple, but if you keep doing it, you can lose your belly. On an office chair, you can slim down your calves. Sit on 2/3 of the office chair with a straight back. Put a few books under your feet, place your toes on the books, then stand on your toes, and press your heels back as much as possible. To improve, press the calf and abdomen, repeating about 20 times can help you lose the fat on the calf.

Coffee slimming method: Drinking a cup of coffee in the afternoon can help digestion after a meal and promote fat burning. Before leaving work, drink another cup of coffee and walk with it to have a good weight-loss effect. At the same time, there is a secret to drinking coffee: Do not add sugar to coffee, and drinking black coffee is good for health. A cup of 100 grams of black coffee only has 2.55 kcal of calories, so drinking a cup of black coffee after a meal can effectively break down fat. And hot coffee can help you burn up body fat better than iced coffee.