Are there any safety hazards in office chairs? How to avoid it

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Many companies choose to lift office chairs when they buy office chairs because they are easy to use. But when using the lift office chair, you will always find certain safety hazards. For the safety of employees during use, we need to know that if we want to avoid these safety hazards, come and take a look.

      1. First of all, many employees are accustomed to lying on the backrest of the lift office chair during work, but some people hang their bodies on the back of the chair. This will cause the center of gravity of the lift office chair to be unbalanced for a long time, and eventually cause the lift office chair. The risk of tipping over due to an unstable center of gravity seriously affects the safety of employees. Therefore, in daily use, be careful not to hang all your body weight on the backrest of the lift office chair, and try not to lean back hard.

      2. Many employees often turn around when using the lift office chair, but many people do not know that rotating the lift office chair for a long time will produce friction and heat. If it is a low-quality office chair lift, it is prone to problems, just like a mobile phone. If it runs at high speed, it will generate heat, so it is prone to some failures and even the danger of explosion. Therefore, we must pay attention to the quality of the selected lift office chair and avoid using it during use.

      3. The quality of the lift office chair is directly related to the manufacturer. In order to make the quality of the lift office chairs we buy meet the standard, we must choose to cooperate with reputable manufacturers, so that both the quality of the lift office chairs and after-sales service can be guaranteed to a certain extent, because some small manufacturers are unreliable. Especially when we need to buy a large number of lift office chairs, we need to cooperate with good manufacturers to ensure the safety of use.