If you want a suitable office chair, choice is the key

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If you try to choose a lift office chair when you buy an office chair, or choose according to the height of yourself and the desk, if the office chair does not meet your own conditions, if the office chair is too high or too low, it will not only affect the comfort, but also easily cause the lumbar spine Or symptoms such as neck disease.

Office chair manufacturers suggest that when buying, you must choose an office chair that allows your legs to land smoothly. This can greatly reduce the probability of occupational diseases. When purchasing, pay attention to the armrests of the office chair. It will cause the shoulders to rise, it is also easy to cause discomfort in the back or neck and also affect the comfort.

To judge the comfort and quality of an office chair, the cushion is also very important. When purchasing, you can press on the cushion with the palm of your hand for 5 to 10 seconds, and then pull it away to see if the sponge has a strong resilience. If it rebounds quickly , It proves that the quality of the cushion is good. If the sponge sinks deeply when pressed, it also proves that the thickness of the sponge is also very good.

Mesh office chairs are more comfortable than office chairs of other materials in terms of material. Many office chairs are now made of mesh material. Because the material is elastic and soft, when the user leans backward, the chair back can be made of material. Tightly support the back, and can adjust the curvature of the back according to the needs of the body, not only to protect the waist, but also to meet the comfort requirements of your own needs.

An office chair is a frequently used office furniture. A qualified chair has a life span of 5-10 years, while an unqualified chair is usually shorter and may have safety hazards (such as the explosion of the chair’s air pressure bar, etc.).

The weight of an office chair can also be used to judge the quality of a chair. Generally, a good-quality office chair is heavier than an inferior chair in terms of weight. Try not to choose a chair within 15kg. Generally, the choice of site and air pressure for this kind of chair The bars are very poor, you can compare them by lifting a chair with both hands.

The quality of the chair can also be seen from the hardware accessories. Generally, good office chairs use hexagonal screws that are not slippery, and inferior ones use Phillips screws. The office chair cushions are slanted and the backrest sounds are caused by screws. . Determine whether a chair is comfortable or not to sit on it yourself.