As a programmer, the longest contact time per day is the office chair. Evaluation from the depths of the soul

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Modern people have to sit on the chair at the computer desk for several hours a day, so it is necessary to buy a comfortable, healthy, simple, and truly affordable computer chair with ergonomics. A comfortable chair can improve office efficiency. Strict ergonomics allows us to work long hours without being so tired. Of course, high cost performance is also one of the important metrics for buying a chair. If it is a national-level, affordable, smart and space-saving product that meets the temperament of young people, it will of course be favored by most people.

Recently, I visited the furniture store and tried out more than a dozen chairs. Finally, I chose the SIHOO M59B smart computer chair, which is affordable and has the full functions of high-end ergonomic computer chair. Why do you favor Sihoo alone? Look down together.

Easy to install, simple and convenient

From the outer packaging to the tool screws, to the various structural functions of the chair, SIHOO has strict quality control and a high degree of brand recognition. Starting from unpacking, with a box opener, assembly gloves, screws, and assembly tools, is a kind of focused spirit to make a good product and be a humanized product. As a person with extremely poor hands-on ability, I installed it according to the steps in the manual. It was extremely simple. The whole installation process was very smooth. I didn't go back, and it took less than half an hour to complete the installation. Pressing the installed chair, it's quite a sense of accomplishment.

The appearance is calm and vigorous

The overall dark gray, gray and white mix and match, simple and stylish, agile and fresh but not unassuming. In the small study room is the computer chair, which is comfortable and relaxing. Gray is stain-resistant, and the fabric is wear-resistant and durable.

The main components of Sihoo are these three items, the seat cushion, the backrest, and the chair legs. The reason for choosing Sihoo is: I spend a lot of time in my chair every day. I believe that not only me, but also many people like me, because of the Internet age and the digital age, sitting in front of the computer all day is the norm. The chair material, chair handles, lumbar support, and the tilt of the back of the chair are more comfortable for Sihoo to try to sit on.

Supporting waist, soft and elastic

First of all, I have to say that the first feeling of sitting up after assembly is that the waist is not suspended, but has supportive strength, and sitting for a long time will not be tired. Take a closer look: the seat back fits the waist back highly, and the supporting force of the waist position can be changed.

The material selected for SIHOO M59B is a double-layer flexible high-elastic mesh fabric with good air permeability. Sit up is the fit of the full back and the waist, which is very comfortable. Say goodbye to the feeling of pressure on the non-fitting parts caused by sitting for a long time.

Different people have different heights and weights, and the required lumbar support is actually different. The adjustable lumbar support of SIHOO M59B is simulated up and down, with a high adjustment range. The small, tall, and medium ones in the house can quickly find their own support points. The support is flexible and cushioned. The height and weight of the otaku can continue to effectively support the waist, sitting for a long time is not tired.

On the other hand, I didn’t know the material of the office chair before. In summer, it was sultry and airtight when leaning on it. The whole back of Sihoo’s office chair is made of multi-dimensional breathable polyester mesh fabric. Nearly 0.1 ton of Fatty Man sat on it and did not collapse. After the hot meal in early summer in Beijing, Fatty Man sat up to cool down and snored. The chest is straightened up, and the snoring is not as weeping as before~ The polyester mesh has good air permeability, and it is a cool office artifact. No longer have to worry about getting up and back with a sweat map~

The first intuitive feeling that the chair is uncomfortable is that the buttocks are conveyed to the brain. After sitting on the SIHOO M59B, there will be a very obvious butt-wrapped feeling, full and comfortable. It feels that its sponge cushion is unique. Unlike low-quality cushions, some parts will touch the bottom and be hard. The cushion sponge of SIHOO M59B feels very skin-friendly, soft, elastic, and feels dense and sedentary. I won’t feel pain in my buttocks. I'm very satisfied with such materials at this price.

Needless to say, the function of the SIHOO chair was fully praised when it was founded. What is 8CM lowering, 360-degree rotation, reversible armrest, 18-degree reclining, high load-bearing five-star chair angle, pulley (MacPro), feel This is the standard configuration of SIHOO, which is suitable for both office and home use.

Finally, I recommend the easiest way to judge whether the chair is good or bad for novices. It is to see whether the armrest of the chair is connected to the back of the chair or the seat cushion. The armrest is connected to the back of the chair. The back is kept at the same angle for comfortable arm support.