The office chairs that have been with you for the longest time are these 4 models that know you best

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Inferior office chairs are the number one killer in the office, and quietly erode your health. If you work in front of the computer for more than ten hours a day, within two or three years, there will be varying degrees of pain in the back and cervical spine. There is no specific medicine for chronic diseases. It is impossible to cure by resting for a period of time or using some kind of remedies. In order to be better for your health, it is necessary to choose a good office chair! Today, Jiguojun recommends the best office chairs for you.

These office chairs are top ergonomic chairs. Compared with ordinary office chairs, ergonomic chairs have good ventilation and heat dissipation characteristics. After adjustment, it can perfectly fit the body, reduce pressure on the buttocks, promote blood circulation in the buttocks, and avoid strain on the neck, shoulders and waist. In the picture below, you can clearly see that the pressure on your buttocks is significantly reduced.

Comparison of hip pressure between sitting on the ground and sitting on an ergonomic chair

HermanMiller Aeron

Price: 8379 yuan

Aeron is known as the "healthiest and most comfortable work chair ever made by mankind". It has been selling well since its launch in 1994, and has been listed as a permanent collection by the American Museum of Modern Art.

The unique Y-shaped lumbar support frame can not only be adjusted up and down, but also forward and backward. You can do whatever you want, relying on what you want, and dispersing the pressure on the waist to the greatest extent. Another great thing about Aeron is that its seat can be tilted forward. The unique "5° forward tilt design of the back of the chair" allows the entire back and waist to still enjoy support when moving forward. It is worth mentioning that Herman Miller is very confident to provide a 12-year long warranty.

Herman Miller Embody

Price: 8435 yuan

Embody is unmatched in the field of ergonomic chairs. While inheriting the many advantages of Aeron, it has an ultra-modern sci-fi appearance, and its design is inspired by the structure of the human spine. Embody can fully fit the physiological curvature of the human spine, allowing you to move freely, naturally improve blood flow, eliminate discomfort and concentrate people's attention.

The same paragraph in the movie "Super Body"

Okamura (Gang Village) Contessa

Price: 8999 yuan

Contessa is the most successful work of the Japanese Okamura Company. It was designed by the Italian industrial master Giorgetto Giugiaro and won the International Design Education Association (IDEA) Gold Award in 2004.

This seat combines ergonomics. The frame is made of solid aluminum alloy, which can support the human body well. The height of the seat, the inclination of the backrest, the height and inclination of the armrests and the depth of the front and back of the seat can be adjusted. The waist pad can also be fine-tuned, and you can also choose your own headrest and hanger. In short, this model can effectively alleviate the fatigue and the damage to the spine caused by sitting for a long time.

Same style as the Pentagon in the U.S.

Ergonor (保友) Ergohuman (金豪) L

Price: 5448 yuan

Baoyou, from Taiwan, the company has five product series: Ergohuman, Brant, Enjoy, Vapor and Nefil

Jinhao L series is Baoyou's flagship product. It adopts an automatic elastic lumbar support system, which can automatically adjust the support for the back according to the back angle to achieve the most comfortable sitting posture.

Finally, a reminder: no matter how good a chair, you also need the correct sitting posture. There are not many sitting postures, and everything is useless~