How does a leather office chair distinguish between artificial leather and genuine leather?

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Nowadays, many companies buy leather office chairs as daily office supplies for leaders and bosses. Unlike before, most of them choose solid wood or aluminum alloy office chairs, but most still prefer leather office chairs. What we want to share today is how to distinguish between genuine leather and artificial leather when choosing a leather office chair.

       Here we focus on cowhide. In leather, cowhide is divided into equal skin and double skin. The first skin includes grain leather, border leather, lychee genuine cowhide, and soft leather; the two-layer leather can be divided into lychee patterned leather and so on. Leather sofas are generally made of cowhide.

       1. Look at the structure: natural leather is interwoven with leather fibers, while artificial imitation leather does not have such a structure.

       2. Hand feeling: Genuine leather is soft and warm to the touch, while imitation leather is sticky to the touch.

       3. Ignition: Tear a little fiber from the back of real leather and artificial leather respectively. After being ignited, the artificial leather exudes a pungent smell and forms pimple, while the leather does not.