How to maintain the office chairs of different materials correctly?

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Every employee has his own office chair. A good office chair can bring a good mood to employees. There are also many material classifications for office chairs on the market. In order to extend the service life of office chairs, we need to maintain them in daily use, which can also reduce consumption for enterprises.

      1. Fabric office chairs: Fabric office chairs are popular because they give people a cordial feeling, but the maintenance method of fabric office chairs is very simple. You only need to put on a seat cover when you use it, so as long as If the fabric office chair is dirty, it can be removed and washed, and then put on another style of seat cover, which can also bring a different feeling to the staff and improve office efficiency.

      2. Wooden office chairs: Wooden office chairs are rarely used. Because of the material of the wooden office chair, there are certain requirements for the storage environment. Do not store in a place that is too wet or dry, and avoid direct sunlight, because these factors will cause the wooden office chair to swell, crack, deform, and fade, which will seriously affect the appearance and service life of the wooden office chair. In addition, water residues should be avoided during the cleaning process.

      3. Leather office chairs: Compared with office chairs of other materials, the maintenance of leather office chairs is quite complicated. It is best to clean it once a day and pay attention to using the correct cleaning method to avoid damaging the leather office chair. Leather office chairs need to use professional care oil on a regular basis to ensure that the leather office chairs always keep their luster. Therefore, when maintaining the leather office chair, you must not forget this step and do not use non-leather special care.