Will ordinary steel office chairs rust? How to avoid it

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First of all, ordinary steel will rust, but its material has undergone some processing when making steel office chairs, so the surface of the steel office chairs will not be exposed directly, and because the surface is sprayed with non-phosphorus electrostatic powder, this The steel office chair made by craftsmanship can not only effectively prevent rust, but also absorb dust by reducing static electricity.

      Secondly, if the steel office chair is in good condition, the appearance will not rust. However, if there are some bumps and injuries caused by some external bumps during use, it will cause the appearance of the sprayed plastic to fall off. Once the steel is in direct contact with the outside air, the probability of rust will increase. Therefore, steel office chairs must be used correctly to avoid bumps and injuries.

      Finally, although steel office chairs are durable, their service life will be affected to a certain extent if you do not pay attention to the correct use method. Therefore, in order to ensure that the service life of the steel office chair is not affected, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct use when using the steel office chair, and it also requires regular maintenance, which can effectively avoid some damage to the steel office chair and effectively prevent rust. .