How to judge whether the air pressure rod of the office chair is at risk of explosion?

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Saw a video of an office air chair exploding. The video tells the experiment according to chairs of different quality. The chairs are placed in different positions and lined up in a row. Compare the phenomenon of people sitting down with sandbags from a high place and dropping them from the second floor. Observe the differences between several chairs and whether they are true. The pneumatic office chair will explode.

Air pressure rod explosion

      Experimental chairs are divided into: second-hand market, three non-products and conventional products. Experimental result: the regular product only smashed open, and the pneumatic rod was intact. The entire second-hand market exploded; three products not only exploded, they were also burned. The reason for this phenomenon is a factor of product aging, cracking and nitrogen, because the pressure rod generally uses nitrogen, which is an inert gas, which plays a role of lubrication. In order to save costs, most office furniture companies usually use air instead of nitrogen. Cause a serious accident.

Pneumatic rod explosion-1

      So when consumers buy office furniture and office chairs, how should they check whether the air pressure bar has an explosion risk? The editor of Shenzhen office furniture manufacturer tells you:

GAVEE safety certification air pressure rod

      1. Look at the manufacturer's steel seal and pass the national SGS certification as a qualified product.

      2. Hit the steel feet with an iron rod. The crisp sound represents the steel pneumatic rod, and the deep sound represents the electroplating manufacturing.

      3. When you sit up, pull the lifting function to make the lifting smooth. It is proved that it is nitrogen, which plays a lubricating effect. If it is air, it will be uneven and jammed when lifting.

      4. Regular air pressure chairs are expensive (recommended to be replaced for more than 3 years), and informal air pressure chairs are cheap.